Porto Cesareo – Punta Prosciutto

Porto Cesareo, one of the most beautiful places in Salento and more specifically Punta Prosciutto, an uncontaminated place located in the center of the Regional nature reserve “palude del conte”, a small natural paradise unique in the world.

Since 1997 the municipality has been the seat of a protected marine area, for the protection of biodiversity still present in marine environments. The area is located between Punta Prosciutto and the hamlet of Nardò Torre Inserraglio, extending up to seven miles from the coast. In 2006 the regional nature reserve “Palude del Conte and Duna Costiera” was also established, of about 900 hectares, an area characterized by a vast retro-dune depression with hygrophilous and halophilous vegetation. Porto Cesareo also houses the marine biology station and the thalassographic museum, which contains a malacological collection, a herbarium and rare fish species.

Torre Lapillo

This locality is one of the most popular marinas on the Ionian Sea. It is located five kilometers from the center of Porto Cesareo and has a unparalleled beauty, the flagship not only of Porto Cesareo but also of the whole of northern Salento.

The tower called Torre di S. Tommaso is part of the program of coastal towers wanted by Charles V to act as a lookout against the continuous incursions of the Turks. It was completed in 1568, has a square plan; the length of each single side is 16 meters; its height is 17 meters. The crystal clear and clean sea, the seductive beauty of the sandy beaches that are lost visibly along the coast of this town, make Torre Lapillo a corner of paradise, with optimal conditions for spending your summer holidays in absolute peace. The seabed also offers good opportunities for fishing lovers and for those who have the hobby of exploring the depths of the sea. This hamlet, which sees about thirty thousand visitors during the summer, awaits you for your holidays.